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A man sitting after finishing something right before the deadline. He sits and looks into the city.

This is a game made in gamemaker, and it's the first I've ever published. So any feedback is appreciated.

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GenreVisual Novel
TagsPixel Art, Short, Slice Of Life, Text based


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это моё прохождение, я попытался выстроить предлагаемые варианты в цельный монолог, чтобы действия чередовались в последовательности как мог бы думать главный герой (или кто нибудь на его месте, игрок, стало быть) ради интереса! спасибо за игру!


It's a nice calming game, really enjoyed the vibe. Makes me want to try to make something similar. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Thank you! I'm sorta surprised people are still finding and playing this old game lol. I'm really glad you liked it! Makes me wanna finish up the games I'm working on lol

I've been having a similar issue with a game I'm working on, finishing is hard. But we got this!


First of all I really enjoyed your game it is simple and calming and yet makes me want to delve into Joseph's world and learn more about him. Also, I would like to ask if you are still working on this or if you started on a new game?


Thanks you so much for playing my game! Sadly, I haven't been able to find the time to add as much content as I wanted to. I still have my eyes set on improving the game, but I have a lot of school work to deal with. There's probably going to be updates later in the year, but most likely in the summer. I'll make sure to make a dev-log if I make any updates or if I hop onto a new game!

Well good luck with school and thank you very much for answering.

Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if I could translate your game into Spanish. If it doesn't bother you, of course.

Sorry, I've decided that I don't need translations yet. This is because I won't be able to do quality checks on it. But thank you for considering my game, I'm very flattered!

Oh, don't apologize :'D <333

That's sure a profound thinking with convenient image of night in the city.... :')

Wow thanks, I really appreciate it! Gotta admit the city was pretty convenient, soon that thing will be animated.

This was a short yet beautiful experience! I hope to see more of this and potentially new environments like Joseph's home!

Yeah! Joseph's home is a planned to be part of the game, but the inner workings and the overall aesthetic is being brainstormed right now. Thanks for playing my game!

I liked it, but it IS kind of short. Which may not be a bad complaint because that means people want more. Did a video playthrough.

I really liked the video and you made some great points! The short length of the game leaves much to be desired and I'll be working on that. Thank you so much for playing my game!

Loved the mood. The graphics were nice, particularly the colour palette. The sound was fitting and the writing was well crafted. I wish there was more!

Thank you! Right now I'm brain storming about characters and scenarios, more will come eventually! 

Nice, I enjoyed this! Followed, I look forward to whatever you put out next.


Thanks for enjoying the game and for the follow! I hope my games can entertain you in the future!

Really Cool game! I don't mind it being short at all if anything its great to keep in the background. Like my own little window into Joseph's world. 10/10 mate. 

I don't think this game deserves a 10/10 lol. 10/10 is just to much praise for such a little game. But, Thanks a bunch! I'm really happy you like it!


You messed up the space between the answers. The i and the g are overlapping here :)

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Got it. I'll fix it when I have the time. Thanks dude!

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Very nice demo. I remember you showing the artwork on discord, I really liked it.

Thanks! I remember seeing gifs or your archer game on discord too. I should really try playing that.

Hey guys! I just fixed the text speed a while back. Thanks for the feedback!

I love the music and the atmosphere is also nice. The text animation is kind of annoying me tho since it's disturbing the quiet peace. Maybe a fade-in / fade-out would work better here.

Also I'd love to see more with this style, it was definitely too short.

also you just took my comment virginity. First time commenting on itch.io, I even created my account just for commenting lol

Wow thanks! The text really seems like a problem for most people, so I'm going to fix as soon as I have time. I'm very happy you started to comment though, you really brought some great points.

Thanks for the reply! :)

Also, I'd love to hear the soundtrack outside of the game. Any links / sources you can give? :3 Thanks!

The game reminded me how the night is always so... beautiful and chill. It's just a little scene but it has such much atmosphere. Would love to see other spots too. Or maybe a little story. But.. yea. Really dunno what to say anymore, the music is so relaxing

I'm a meany, I found the music in the game files.

A litle too short. ;; Nice art, nice idea but too short. I would try playing your other game if it's not too short. Well 5ting ! 

Good idea, next time I'll make sure there's more content! Also question, how long would you like play sessions? This info could help me with pacing in the future. Thanks for trying my game, I really appreciate it!

Well I'd like to play a small jam game about 20-35 minutes. I think your style is 'slice of life', right? Interesting.  If you want me to try your future games, I would gladly to! :) Keep up the work!

Gave it a whirl, the art style caught my eye ;> There's a nice calming atmosphere with your art and the music fits the mood!. The character is interesting enough to want to see more of him and his life. Good job~

Thanks a lot, really appreciate it! I'm glad the game interested you.